Genetic Pinot Noir

Genetic Pinot Noir

What is “Genetic”?

Genetic is our first wine label, and the first LGBTQ wine label ever produced (that we know of). Genetic is a 2010 Pinot Noir from Willamette Valley, Oregon, one of the world’s premier growing regions for Pinot Noir grapes. The grapes were shipped from Willamette Valley to Sabina Vineyards in Saint Helena, CA, where the wine was produced and bottled by the expert wine maker, Alejandro Alfaro. We’re sure you’re going to love this wine, and not just for the taste, but because we’ll be donating 1% of Genetic sales to the Napa LGBTQ Project, a local program started by On the Move Organization. The queer community can feel good about supporting a gay business and helping their fellow queers. The rest of you can assuage your liberal guilt by supporting a small business and helping others. And all of you get to enjoy great wine!

Why “Genetic”?

Anyone who doesn’t believe that homosexuality is genetic, like heterosexuality, just needs to look at our two families. One of us was brought up in a devout Christian family where homosexuality was taught to be a sin, and 50% of the kids are gay. And in the other’s family, 100% of the kids are gay, and they were raised in the most traditional way, a nuclear family where the father worked and the mother stayed home to raise the kids. Nothing in either of our backgrounds exposed us to a gay lifestyle. We didn’t have any gay role models in our lives, and there certainly weren’t that many in popular culture (we aren’t that old, only in our early 30s, but try to remember when Ellen Degeneres came out in 1997 and what a huge deal that was!). So, we’re standing tall on this issue and saying we were born this way. No one chooses whom they are attracted to, or whom they fall in love with—it’s genetic.

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